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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
8:00 pm
Transcribed from audio journal
Daddy seems to be doing better now. His fever is still around, and we are able to wake him up once and a while, to drink something at least. He barely can keep up with us when we talk to him, and he acts almost drunk most of the time. Heather said after the fever is gone, we'll have to make sure he didn't suffer any brain damage.

Just an hour ago, Heather called me into the other room, where she was going through Daddy's audio journals while he was sick. All of them played, but we couldn't make any sense of them. To her, they were static. But I had her turn them up, and I listened. It was more like when I used to watch tv during a sport game, and all those screaming fans out there. It was such a mess I couldn't make anythng out.

But one was clear. All the time stamps were messed up, but considering what happened in it, it was probably back when we had to give him his first ice bath. But when I heard the voice with Daddy on that, the world went grey, and I fell down.

It was Mommy Lisa. I'm sure of it. She never spoke before, but I have heard her hum, and I have heard her and Daddy when they have thought I was asleep. I know that was her voice.

But it can't be her. She's dead. I seen her die in front of me in that street, by that jerk. How can she be talking to Daddy when she's dead?

Heather also played back my entry for the same day, and the next thing I knew, she was trying to wake me up. It was mommy Lisa's voice again. What's going on with these audio journals? I wish Daddy would get better, so he could tell us what is going on with these!

I'm so scared now, I don't know if I can go to sleep tonight.

End Audio Entry
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
6:10 pm
Transcribed from Audio Journal
Well, Daddy's fever seems to be staying around a hundred and two, which isn't life threatening, according to Heather. But, we still run a cold washcloth on his head, to try and keep him comfortable, as well as a twice daily cold bath. But, it is kind of weird seeing Daddy almost completely naked. I'm so used to seeing him in his armor, looking so strong and confident. But right now, he looks weak and helpless, kinda like what Desiree's dollies look like.

According to this morning's sattelite images, it looks like we may have some trouble out there. The dead are leaving the middle of Boston, and could be coming here soon. The Confeds think it's going to take anywhere from one to three weeks before this swarm invades the area, and their people think we should look at moving on to another place.

But, I'm going to wait till Daddy's better and let him decide. I don't want to move right now, especially with the snowstorm that started today. I had a patrol run out there, and those dead things out there are faster, and act almost alive in the cold. I thought they'd slow up, getting frozen in the cold. But, they aren't freezing, and are getting faster than ever in the cold. One chased after one of the stormtrooper robots, and even at top speed, almost caught it.

According to my Daddy's notes, that robot can do around thirty five miles an hour. Because of the ice out there, I'd say the robot was going maybe twenty, twenty five at most. What was scary is that the thing handled the ice like we would dry floors. It was green, and had a really long tongue, looking almost like a snake or something. It had bug eyes, like a fly or other yucky thing. I had Zoe shoot that thing, and as the robot got away, we could see it got back up without a head at all. How could it get back up without a head? It was shot off, but it kept coming anyways!

Daddy will know. Keep calm Newt, Daddy will help. Daddy will get it, and kick their butts.

End Audio Entry
Monday, January 10th, 2005
7:17 pm
Smoking Mountains
Transcribed from Audio Journal
Daddy's getting to feeling better some, but he is sleeping all the time still. Heather said he's getting better faster than anyone normally would. At least we are lucky he can heal so fast.

Confeds got some samples and the results back from their stuff. Turns out the virus that is over here has changed in the ocean, and infected all the fish in the ocean. The regular fish aren't affected, but the bigger ones are. Dolphins, whales, and other ones like them are affected like we are here, and passed the changed virus over to Hawaii. But it didn't kill or cause the dead to wake up normally.

Instead, it seemed the new virus needed something added to make it work like it does here. However, the volcano on the main island decided to burp out lots of something the Confeds are calling carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and radon. It killed everyone on the islands by taking away the good air, and leaving this bad air.

THey think it was the radon that caused the changed virus to work there. But, everything was dead without warning, and all of them got back up, and wandered around. I'm scared now. Hawaii was in the safe area, far away from everything. SOMEONE should have been hit first. I just want to someday be able to go with Daddy and get to a place we don't have to sleep in shifts, or worry if today's the day one of us becomes dinner for those things outside.

Sounds of Newt crying

Sorry. Just tired of being the leader here, and having to tell everyone what to do. I hope Daddy gets better soon. I really miss him.

End Audio Entry
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
3:56 pm
Girls and Toys
Transcribed from Audio Journal

Daddy has gotten worse instead of better. His fever was so bad today we found him screaming mommy Lisa's name. I know he feels so bad about that, and what we did to stop it from ever happening again, but her being dead really must hurt still. We finally had to go ahead and get him carried to the tub, and soaked in ice and water twice already to get the fever down. Heather said it was almost dangerously high.

Woman's voice- Don't worry, sweet Daphne. Ben will get better. There is too much for him to leave you alone right now.

Brrrr. It just got cold in here. The space heaters are turned up and going though. We must have an air draft somewhere. I'll have everyone search for it, and plug it up. Don't need our scent to get outside and alert those things out there.

Confeds have done flyovers over Hawaii, to see what happened. Thermal showed no life there at all, and the dead swarmed the place. But, from what I understand, they had some cigarette thing recording what was going on around there, and it should tell what happened on the Island.

Ugh. Sounds like Daddy needs another ice bath.

End Audio Entry
Friday, January 7th, 2005
2:14 pm
Itchy Scratchy
Transcribed from Audio Journal

Ugh. Heather has us all on oatmeal baths and this pink lotion stuff. Daddy told her that if we didn't respond to it, to use the other itch stuff, hydro-something. It seems to be helping better than the pink stuff. The boys had to go on Benadryl, and they are really loopy now, tired and more behaved. I wish we could keep them on that stuff all the time.

I checked the internet today, and found out that somehow, contact with Peal Harbor Naval Base at Hawaii has been lost, as well as everything else coming out of the area. No one else thought anything of it, and Daddy was asleep. But, I remember te advisory Japan put out regarding not eating the marine life now. I hope what I think is wrong. Cuz if I'm right, nowhere is safe anymore.

I'm going to the roof, and sniping some of those puss heads. Might take the anger out of me a bit. It's just unfair that we keep having this happening to us.

End Audio Entry
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
4:28 pm
Hate the Chicken Pox!
Transcribed from Audio Journal
Well, Daddy looked kinda funny today. He had sores all over his face, and was a bit silly. Heather told me it was the chicken pox. I started laughing, till she told me it can be serious in grownups, like Daddy.

Of course, I realize now that I shouldn't have laughed at Daddy's pox. All the kids, including me, now have it too. It itches really badly, but none of us are going to get really bad off.

Daddy had us get things ready, just in case he gets a bad fever, or worse. We have the handcuffs and everything ready. We even set his computer to auto record if he starts talking some, so he can record journal entries.

Other than that, we have buckets of water on the roof next door, freezing up good. Heather said that his fever might get bad enough to need ice baths. But, she thinks he might get over it in a matter of days instead of a couple of weeks, thanks to his disease.

I just hope everyone pulls together and helps deal with this. I can't do it alone. Even those piggies need to stop copping 'tudes and help. But for right now, I need to put this pink stuff on my skin, and try to keep from scratching.

End audio entry
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
4:48 pm
Transcribed from Audio Journal

Well, it started snowing outside. All the kids, and even some of the adults went on the roof next door to play in the snow. They asked me to join them, but I turned them down. Playing in the snow is for kids, and I'm not a kid anymore. Daddy went ahead and went on patrol with Ferret, to make sure we were going to be ok. Ferret is the only robot we have that has a heat camera in it.

But earlier, I heard someone screaming "Help Me! Please dear God help me!" It sounded like it was from the robot feed, so I went in there with Daddy, and told him i heard the screams. He looked at me like i was nuts, and told me there wasn't any screaming, that I must have imagined it or something.

But, I know what I heard.


I heard that woman scream for help. I looked at the thermal camera feed, and it was showing that the woman was colder than the outside air. Even the dead are slightly warmer than the outside, and no living person could be that cold and be alive. I know that for a fact.

It scared me to hear her screaming. But Daddy simply muttered that something was all wrong, and pulled the bot back home.
sound of snowball hitting someone in the head
Heather's voice-
"I bet you can't hurry up and come get me, Little Miss Busybody!"

"Oh yeah! You are so gonna get it, valley girl!"

End audio entry
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
8:02 pm
Liar Liar
Transcribed from Audio Journal
TRANSCRIPTION NOTE: Unrecognizable voices found in various spots. Some were too quiet and garbled. Others were loud, as if coming from another person right next to Newt. When asked, Newt swears that the only thing making any noise in the room was the computer fan. No one else was even close by, as I was in the other room with Ben, and everyone else was in the other building, watching a movie. Aproximate age, sex, and identifiers noted, and noted in bold italics -Heather Davies

Heather was able to fix Uno's arm. She hollered at me about it, because now he's out for any outside stuff till it heals. But he and the other boys need to learn to do as they are told, and not pull guns on anyone without a good reason.

GRUFF MALE VOICE- Is this Hell? (quiet)

Daddy woke us up in the middle of the night though. He got up to use the bathroom, and tripped over a toy the lost boys left out. His hip hit the side of the tub, and it popped out. Heather shot him full of stuff to make him feel better, and we got him back to bed.

Child, possibly little girl, crying and mumbling quietly

Daddy's hip popped out again. But he hurt himself pretty badly when he fell. Heather's giving him stuff to get it better, so she can pop it in easier. I know Daddy will be mad at me for breaking Uno's arm, but I had to. He had grabbed a gun from the armory. Daddy didn't like to keep it locked so we could grab them if the dead things come here.

Middle aged woman, almost sounding like Ms Burns, screaming loudly- You bitch! You killed me!

Hopefully Daddy will get better soon. The green ones are acting really weird, and they almost look like they are talking to each other. Also, Heather heard something weird on the microphone attached to Chopper when she scouted the crystal forest today. She said she heard voices. She replayed it, and most of us heard it too. But they were just too garbled, sounding like there was a crowd of people. Here and there, we could hear screams close by to Chopper, but we couldn't find them.

When I heard it, it scared me so bad that I had to go pee. I was so cold from hearing the jumble of screams and voices. But from how the lost boys looked, I bet they don't sleep either. I doubt anyone will really sleep.

Multiple voices, all garbled.

But I am tired, and I am gonna sleep. Hopefully Daddy will feel better tomorrow.

End audio entry
Friday, December 31st, 2004
7:45 pm
Daddy's Back!!!!
Transcribed from Audio Journal

We got there last night, and hollered for him on the radio. He replied with his clicks. I had to count them, and figured out he was needing to stay quiet, but was ok. We quickly pulled up to the back door, and piled out.

There were several of those things inside. Desiree blasted on a few. She wasted several bullets trying to get one in the head. I pulled my Christmas gift out, and splatterd it easy. Most of them were burned bad, and couldn't move much. But as Daddy always says, better safe than sorry. Renee and Rayna used some baseball bats, and cracked them good.

Daddy opened the door after we made sure that we knew each side was safe. I missed Daddy badly, and jumped on his lap, and gave him big hugs. We then got the rest of the stuff and loaded it up, including something Daddy called a MacGuyverism. I dunno what that is, but it looked like a bunch of pipes to me.

I made Heather stop off at the hospital as well. Daddy had burned his face pretty good, and I knew we didn't have anything for that at home. Daddy was so tired, and slept as we got the stuff inside. Zoe was going to wake him up to help, but I made her leave him alone. He looked like he barely slept the entire time. But we got a bunch of stuff we have on a list inside the car here, and was nearly out of room.

Got Daddy home, and into the bed. With his pills and burns, he needed sleep. Ugh. Gotta go. The piggies are trying to kill each other again.

sounds of thumping coming closer "Ok you buttheads! BEHAVE NOW! Uno, put that gun down now! Don't make me kick your butt boy!"

"Oh yeah? Like to see you try it, you stupid girl!"

sound of large handgun hitting carpeted floor, then screaming and blows landing


"Good! Next time, I outta break your neck. Have Heather look at it." sound of a small body hitting the wall, and a moan from Uno "And if you ever pull a gun on me, I will kill you without a second thought. You clear on this, piggie?"

sounds of whimpering

"Shoot, I forgot to turn that off."

End audio entry
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
8:27 pm
Bathing the Piggies
Transcribed from audio journal

Well, they asked for it. Desperation and those stinky boys refused to listen to me, so I wound up having to teach them a lesson. I wound up punching Desperation in the stomach, then whipped his butt with one of Daddy's belts. The others fell in line, and they all got scrubbed up. Their skins are still a bit red from the hard scrubbing and hot water.

After the filth got cleaned out, I took one of my own. I don't know if anyone knows, but I hide a secret in the shower.I stay quiet, so no one else can hear me, and I cry. I miss my friends, school, and both my real mommy and Mommy Lisa. I cry for all those who now walk out there dead.

Most of all, I cry for myself, and try to wash this dirty feeling off of me.

I used to go to church when my mom was alive. The preacher sat there and told us the ten commandments, and one of them was that I must never kill. It was against God, he'd tell us, and that we'd burn in a lake of fire if we did, and never get out.

But, Daddy told me that things are different. That some of the people alive would want to hurt us, or kill us, and it was ok to defend ourselves. I used that gun laying on the street when that bad man killed Mommy Lisa. When I shot him, it felt good and right. When I shot those people in the camp, it felt good. But I feel dirty all the time from it, like I was somehow evil.

I think Daddy knows I cry in the shower. I know he cries in there, as I have snuck in the bathroom to pee a few times and heard him quietly sobbing. But, I know he is naked in there, or I'd join him and cry with him. But, bathtime is private time, so I sneak back out again.

I have a gun ready for Christy and Desiree, but not for Destiny yet. She's smaller than I am, and it's hard to get things for my size put together. But, I like being in the workshop, and smell Daddy's smell. He smells of metal shavings, that paste he uses on the iron when he does electronic stuff, and tobacco. Sometimes, you can smell something unpleasant from him, especially when he gets hot and sweaty. But, he says that's probably from when he got bit, and barely survived. He showed me the wound on his leg after I figured out that he wasn't a bad man. It was nasty.

I know Daddy still wants to know my real name. But I'll never speak that name again. That name was when my mommy was still alive, and these dead people didn't walk around eating others. The little, weak girl that was her died when I saw my mommy get strangled. When I couldn't stop him from hurting her, that kid died.

Daddy showed me the movie about the girl he named me after. I could beat her up, but she is more like me. We both lost our mommies, and had to have others help keep us safe. So, I am nothing more than Newt Allgoode.

We're going to get ready and roll out. The butts over in the west just send an e-mail to Daddy, and I read it. Seems the police station we had to leave him at is on fire, and the dead people are running away from it as fast as they can. Hopefully Daddy is ok, and will be ready for us to get him.

End audio entry
Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
7:47 pm
Powdered Doughnut Pancake Surprise
Transcribed from audio entry

Mommy Heather was so sad today. Daddy is out of radio or net access, so we can't tell if he is alive or dead. I tried talking to those Confed buttheads, but they only wanted to talk to Daddy. So, we should hope he is alive and ok.

Sometimes, I feel more like a mommy myself than a kid. I had to stop those stupid boys from beating each other up again. I doubt Daddy knows that the boys fight all the time, and I stop it. I told them if they wanted to fight so much, to get their scuzzy butts on the computers and either fight with the games, or use the bots to take out the bad ones out there.

If they don't take a bath today, I am going to order Heather, Renee, and Rayna to force their stinky butts into the tub, and scrub them till their skin is red. If everyone here can take a bath every day, they can too. The girls behave themselves much better than the boys, but I can't stand being around any of them for long.

They remind me of when I was weak and helpless, when that guy tied my real mommy to the bed, strangled her dead, then used to hump her after she came back as one of the bad ones. He tried to get me, but I hid all the time, and kicked him in the nuts if he did get me, so he stuck with her. Thank goodness I hid all the food, or i would have had to eat the bad ones, like he did. He got sick a lot from it, but it didn't kill him.

But, after my Daddy rescued me from there, I was so scared. I was afraid he was like that man. But him and Mommy Lisa cared about me, gave me good food, and lots of hugs.

knocking on door

"Newt, sorry to bother you, but what do you want to eat?"

"Do we have any pancake stuff left Renee?"

"Yes we do. Don't tell me you want pancakes again?"

"Yes, I do. They remind me of Daddy, so i want them as much as i can till he gets home."

"Well ok. But you really need to eat something else too. How about some ham on the side?"

"Ok, ok. I'll have some ham too. Now go 'way. I'm doing the stuff that Daddy's supposed to do."

sound of door closing

Anyways, i need to turn this off, and get some more work done. The girls need better guns, so I'm going to go into the basement and work on making smaller ones for them. Besides, I'll get to be in Daddy's worshop for a while. I miss him, and hope we can get him or he comes home soon.

End audio entry
Sunday, December 26th, 2004
9:39 pm
Daddy's Little Girl
Transcribed from Audio Entry

I am so angry right now. We went to Quincy today, to look for people and get stuff. Daddy took that jerk Rick, and took Desiree with him. I wanted to go, but he was all like, "Newt, I need you to get the supplies. I trust you to get the stuff and get everyone back safely."

We hit the bootyload at the armory. there was plenty of food, guns, and stuff Daddy had always said to look for. We got about half the guns and food loaded when Daddy sounded the evac alert. I tried fighting with him, but it sounded like he was in trouble. After we heard the grenade go off, we knew he was. But, I listened to Daddy, and got everyone in the car. At least there, with its tank wheels and steel, we were safe.

Desiree came running back, all scared and out of breath. I got ready to cover my Daddy when I saw a group of those nasty dead people come up on us. I had to close the door, and warn Daddy there were too many of the things out there for him to be safe.

He called back, letting us know he made it safe to the armory room. At least there, he'll be able to wait till we can mount a rescue. The door is solid steel, and should take a beating from a whole dead girl scout troop easy.

The wusses in there are crying. As if my Daddy would allow those things to get him. He's smarter than those rotten things. He'll kick their sorry butts back to next week. But, I am folowing his last orders. Everyone is safe. We'll simply have to give it a few days, and go back for him. Daddy didn't know that I knew about the remote code for the guns, but I did. Like I'd let one of these wusses get it from me at all.

Wasn't hard to figure out the code. Daddy loved Momma Lisa very much, and still misses her, even though he has Momma Heather. So we can get in and out safely.

But enough talk. I need to clean my guns. Now, how do I turn this off? Oh, here it is.

End Audio Entry
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