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Daddy's Back!!!!

Transcribed from Audio Journal

We got there last night, and hollered for him on the radio. He replied with his clicks. I had to count them, and figured out he was needing to stay quiet, but was ok. We quickly pulled up to the back door, and piled out.

There were several of those things inside. Desiree blasted on a few. She wasted several bullets trying to get one in the head. I pulled my Christmas gift out, and splatterd it easy. Most of them were burned bad, and couldn't move much. But as Daddy always says, better safe than sorry. Renee and Rayna used some baseball bats, and cracked them good.

Daddy opened the door after we made sure that we knew each side was safe. I missed Daddy badly, and jumped on his lap, and gave him big hugs. We then got the rest of the stuff and loaded it up, including something Daddy called a MacGuyverism. I dunno what that is, but it looked like a bunch of pipes to me.

I made Heather stop off at the hospital as well. Daddy had burned his face pretty good, and I knew we didn't have anything for that at home. Daddy was so tired, and slept as we got the stuff inside. Zoe was going to wake him up to help, but I made her leave him alone. He looked like he barely slept the entire time. But we got a bunch of stuff we have on a list inside the car here, and was nearly out of room.

Got Daddy home, and into the bed. With his pills and burns, he needed sleep. Ugh. Gotta go. The piggies are trying to kill each other again.

sounds of thumping coming closer "Ok you buttheads! BEHAVE NOW! Uno, put that gun down now! Don't make me kick your butt boy!"

"Oh yeah? Like to see you try it, you stupid girl!"

sound of large handgun hitting carpeted floor, then screaming and blows landing


"Good! Next time, I outta break your neck. Have Heather look at it." sound of a small body hitting the wall, and a moan from Uno "And if you ever pull a gun on me, I will kill you without a second thought. You clear on this, piggie?"

sounds of whimpering

"Shoot, I forgot to turn that off."

End audio entry
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