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Liar Liar

Transcribed from Audio Journal
TRANSCRIPTION NOTE: Unrecognizable voices found in various spots. Some were too quiet and garbled. Others were loud, as if coming from another person right next to Newt. When asked, Newt swears that the only thing making any noise in the room was the computer fan. No one else was even close by, as I was in the other room with Ben, and everyone else was in the other building, watching a movie. Aproximate age, sex, and identifiers noted, and noted in bold italics -Heather Davies

Heather was able to fix Uno's arm. She hollered at me about it, because now he's out for any outside stuff till it heals. But he and the other boys need to learn to do as they are told, and not pull guns on anyone without a good reason.

GRUFF MALE VOICE- Is this Hell? (quiet)

Daddy woke us up in the middle of the night though. He got up to use the bathroom, and tripped over a toy the lost boys left out. His hip hit the side of the tub, and it popped out. Heather shot him full of stuff to make him feel better, and we got him back to bed.

Child, possibly little girl, crying and mumbling quietly

Daddy's hip popped out again. But he hurt himself pretty badly when he fell. Heather's giving him stuff to get it better, so she can pop it in easier. I know Daddy will be mad at me for breaking Uno's arm, but I had to. He had grabbed a gun from the armory. Daddy didn't like to keep it locked so we could grab them if the dead things come here.

Middle aged woman, almost sounding like Ms Burns, screaming loudly- You bitch! You killed me!

Hopefully Daddy will get better soon. The green ones are acting really weird, and they almost look like they are talking to each other. Also, Heather heard something weird on the microphone attached to Chopper when she scouted the crystal forest today. She said she heard voices. She replayed it, and most of us heard it too. But they were just too garbled, sounding like there was a crowd of people. Here and there, we could hear screams close by to Chopper, but we couldn't find them.

When I heard it, it scared me so bad that I had to go pee. I was so cold from hearing the jumble of screams and voices. But from how the lost boys looked, I bet they don't sleep either. I doubt anyone will really sleep.

Multiple voices, all garbled.

But I am tired, and I am gonna sleep. Hopefully Daddy will feel better tomorrow.

End audio entry
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