newt_story (newt_story) wrote,

Hate the Chicken Pox!

Transcribed from Audio Journal
Well, Daddy looked kinda funny today. He had sores all over his face, and was a bit silly. Heather told me it was the chicken pox. I started laughing, till she told me it can be serious in grownups, like Daddy.

Of course, I realize now that I shouldn't have laughed at Daddy's pox. All the kids, including me, now have it too. It itches really badly, but none of us are going to get really bad off.

Daddy had us get things ready, just in case he gets a bad fever, or worse. We have the handcuffs and everything ready. We even set his computer to auto record if he starts talking some, so he can record journal entries.

Other than that, we have buckets of water on the roof next door, freezing up good. Heather said that his fever might get bad enough to need ice baths. But, she thinks he might get over it in a matter of days instead of a couple of weeks, thanks to his disease.

I just hope everyone pulls together and helps deal with this. I can't do it alone. Even those piggies need to stop copping 'tudes and help. But for right now, I need to put this pink stuff on my skin, and try to keep from scratching.

End audio entry
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