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Girls and Toys

Transcribed from Audio Journal

Daddy has gotten worse instead of better. His fever was so bad today we found him screaming mommy Lisa's name. I know he feels so bad about that, and what we did to stop it from ever happening again, but her being dead really must hurt still. We finally had to go ahead and get him carried to the tub, and soaked in ice and water twice already to get the fever down. Heather said it was almost dangerously high.

Woman's voice- Don't worry, sweet Daphne. Ben will get better. There is too much for him to leave you alone right now.

Brrrr. It just got cold in here. The space heaters are turned up and going though. We must have an air draft somewhere. I'll have everyone search for it, and plug it up. Don't need our scent to get outside and alert those things out there.

Confeds have done flyovers over Hawaii, to see what happened. Thermal showed no life there at all, and the dead swarmed the place. But, from what I understand, they had some cigarette thing recording what was going on around there, and it should tell what happened on the Island.

Ugh. Sounds like Daddy needs another ice bath.

End Audio Entry
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