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Smoking Mountains

Transcribed from Audio Journal
Daddy's getting to feeling better some, but he is sleeping all the time still. Heather said he's getting better faster than anyone normally would. At least we are lucky he can heal so fast.

Confeds got some samples and the results back from their stuff. Turns out the virus that is over here has changed in the ocean, and infected all the fish in the ocean. The regular fish aren't affected, but the bigger ones are. Dolphins, whales, and other ones like them are affected like we are here, and passed the changed virus over to Hawaii. But it didn't kill or cause the dead to wake up normally.

Instead, it seemed the new virus needed something added to make it work like it does here. However, the volcano on the main island decided to burp out lots of something the Confeds are calling carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and radon. It killed everyone on the islands by taking away the good air, and leaving this bad air.

THey think it was the radon that caused the changed virus to work there. But, everything was dead without warning, and all of them got back up, and wandered around. I'm scared now. Hawaii was in the safe area, far away from everything. SOMEONE should have been hit first. I just want to someday be able to go with Daddy and get to a place we don't have to sleep in shifts, or worry if today's the day one of us becomes dinner for those things outside.

Sounds of Newt crying

Sorry. Just tired of being the leader here, and having to tell everyone what to do. I hope Daddy gets better soon. I really miss him.

End Audio Entry
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