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Transcribed from Audio Journal
Well, Daddy's fever seems to be staying around a hundred and two, which isn't life threatening, according to Heather. But, we still run a cold washcloth on his head, to try and keep him comfortable, as well as a twice daily cold bath. But, it is kind of weird seeing Daddy almost completely naked. I'm so used to seeing him in his armor, looking so strong and confident. But right now, he looks weak and helpless, kinda like what Desiree's dollies look like.

According to this morning's sattelite images, it looks like we may have some trouble out there. The dead are leaving the middle of Boston, and could be coming here soon. The Confeds think it's going to take anywhere from one to three weeks before this swarm invades the area, and their people think we should look at moving on to another place.

But, I'm going to wait till Daddy's better and let him decide. I don't want to move right now, especially with the snowstorm that started today. I had a patrol run out there, and those dead things out there are faster, and act almost alive in the cold. I thought they'd slow up, getting frozen in the cold. But, they aren't freezing, and are getting faster than ever in the cold. One chased after one of the stormtrooper robots, and even at top speed, almost caught it.

According to my Daddy's notes, that robot can do around thirty five miles an hour. Because of the ice out there, I'd say the robot was going maybe twenty, twenty five at most. What was scary is that the thing handled the ice like we would dry floors. It was green, and had a really long tongue, looking almost like a snake or something. It had bug eyes, like a fly or other yucky thing. I had Zoe shoot that thing, and as the robot got away, we could see it got back up without a head at all. How could it get back up without a head? It was shot off, but it kept coming anyways!

Daddy will know. Keep calm Newt, Daddy will help. Daddy will get it, and kick their butts.

End Audio Entry
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