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Transcribed from audio journal
Daddy seems to be doing better now. His fever is still around, and we are able to wake him up once and a while, to drink something at least. He barely can keep up with us when we talk to him, and he acts almost drunk most of the time. Heather said after the fever is gone, we'll have to make sure he didn't suffer any brain damage.

Just an hour ago, Heather called me into the other room, where she was going through Daddy's audio journals while he was sick. All of them played, but we couldn't make any sense of them. To her, they were static. But I had her turn them up, and I listened. It was more like when I used to watch tv during a sport game, and all those screaming fans out there. It was such a mess I couldn't make anythng out.

But one was clear. All the time stamps were messed up, but considering what happened in it, it was probably back when we had to give him his first ice bath. But when I heard the voice with Daddy on that, the world went grey, and I fell down.

It was Mommy Lisa. I'm sure of it. She never spoke before, but I have heard her hum, and I have heard her and Daddy when they have thought I was asleep. I know that was her voice.

But it can't be her. She's dead. I seen her die in front of me in that street, by that jerk. How can she be talking to Daddy when she's dead?

Heather also played back my entry for the same day, and the next thing I knew, she was trying to wake me up. It was mommy Lisa's voice again. What's going on with these audio journals? I wish Daddy would get better, so he could tell us what is going on with these!

I'm so scared now, I don't know if I can go to sleep tonight.

End Audio Entry
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