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Daddy's Little Girl

Transcribed from Audio Entry

I am so angry right now. We went to Quincy today, to look for people and get stuff. Daddy took that jerk Rick, and took Desiree with him. I wanted to go, but he was all like, "Newt, I need you to get the supplies. I trust you to get the stuff and get everyone back safely."

We hit the bootyload at the armory. there was plenty of food, guns, and stuff Daddy had always said to look for. We got about half the guns and food loaded when Daddy sounded the evac alert. I tried fighting with him, but it sounded like he was in trouble. After we heard the grenade go off, we knew he was. But, I listened to Daddy, and got everyone in the car. At least there, with its tank wheels and steel, we were safe.

Desiree came running back, all scared and out of breath. I got ready to cover my Daddy when I saw a group of those nasty dead people come up on us. I had to close the door, and warn Daddy there were too many of the things out there for him to be safe.

He called back, letting us know he made it safe to the armory room. At least there, he'll be able to wait till we can mount a rescue. The door is solid steel, and should take a beating from a whole dead girl scout troop easy.

The wusses in there are crying. As if my Daddy would allow those things to get him. He's smarter than those rotten things. He'll kick their sorry butts back to next week. But, I am folowing his last orders. Everyone is safe. We'll simply have to give it a few days, and go back for him. Daddy didn't know that I knew about the remote code for the guns, but I did. Like I'd let one of these wusses get it from me at all.

Wasn't hard to figure out the code. Daddy loved Momma Lisa very much, and still misses her, even though he has Momma Heather. So we can get in and out safely.

But enough talk. I need to clean my guns. Now, how do I turn this off? Oh, here it is.

End Audio Entry
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