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Powdered Doughnut Pancake Surprise

Transcribed from audio entry

Mommy Heather was so sad today. Daddy is out of radio or net access, so we can't tell if he is alive or dead. I tried talking to those Confed buttheads, but they only wanted to talk to Daddy. So, we should hope he is alive and ok.

Sometimes, I feel more like a mommy myself than a kid. I had to stop those stupid boys from beating each other up again. I doubt Daddy knows that the boys fight all the time, and I stop it. I told them if they wanted to fight so much, to get their scuzzy butts on the computers and either fight with the games, or use the bots to take out the bad ones out there.

If they don't take a bath today, I am going to order Heather, Renee, and Rayna to force their stinky butts into the tub, and scrub them till their skin is red. If everyone here can take a bath every day, they can too. The girls behave themselves much better than the boys, but I can't stand being around any of them for long.

They remind me of when I was weak and helpless, when that guy tied my real mommy to the bed, strangled her dead, then used to hump her after she came back as one of the bad ones. He tried to get me, but I hid all the time, and kicked him in the nuts if he did get me, so he stuck with her. Thank goodness I hid all the food, or i would have had to eat the bad ones, like he did. He got sick a lot from it, but it didn't kill him.

But, after my Daddy rescued me from there, I was so scared. I was afraid he was like that man. But him and Mommy Lisa cared about me, gave me good food, and lots of hugs.

knocking on door

"Newt, sorry to bother you, but what do you want to eat?"

"Do we have any pancake stuff left Renee?"

"Yes we do. Don't tell me you want pancakes again?"

"Yes, I do. They remind me of Daddy, so i want them as much as i can till he gets home."

"Well ok. But you really need to eat something else too. How about some ham on the side?"

"Ok, ok. I'll have some ham too. Now go 'way. I'm doing the stuff that Daddy's supposed to do."

sound of door closing

Anyways, i need to turn this off, and get some more work done. The girls need better guns, so I'm going to go into the basement and work on making smaller ones for them. Besides, I'll get to be in Daddy's worshop for a while. I miss him, and hope we can get him or he comes home soon.

End audio entry
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